got a fetish for bitches in military uniforms? well then KCI suggests you join the army and become their bitch. on the other hand if you have a fetish for sexy brats in kinky military garb begging to have their asses smacked into subspace bringing themselves closer to self domination, then enlist in the june Fetish Nation and become your fetish.

choose to follow the sign saying An Army of One and you will be doing latrine detail until you’re fully brainwashed. the devil is in the details, the lower gastrointestinal tract and in the machine, so at least you will get a glimpse of reality from your cog on the sprocket. unfortunately that sign is pointing toward one world military, soon to be accompanied by a one world currency, and ultimately one system of systems created by humans and enslaving every last one of them unless kept in check.

if you have been watching some other signs around hollywood, one might think war of the worlds and armageddon are around the corner. tinsel town flicks may not be the best bet for predicting when LA will become a Battlefield so some turn to the old profits. the bible predicts some sort of Judgment Day on may 21st and the Aztecs set their fears on 2012 for a similar catastrophe. most rational people recognize that back then they were not able to predict anything specific besides approximate years of major fluctuations in global climate and other natural cycles. some believe that current day enlightened dickheads make use of the same knowledge when deciding when to ignore chatter about the next attack if its time to generated homeland fanaticism for a pumped up military.

the last cycle saw the El Nino phenomenon followed by the anticlimactic passing of Y2K, allowing everyone to relax until a few planes started flying into some large buildings. now we have a couple major global natural disasters, and more than enough excuses to stick our snouts back over into dessert affairs. so where might be the next ground zero? if one were into conspiracy theories, speculation could revolve around all those russian-made dirty bombs that could have been planted back when the subway lines were being laid down and then detonate them in some way that blame can be placed on some nutty libyan or persian fools outraged over osama.

but what the fuck does KCI know about conspiracy theories, we just do nightclubs. the state may have plans at work to justify continued expansion of the military-industrial complex, making more elaborate toys of war and surveillance to control sandy hellholes abroad and then bring them back home to use on its own citizens. all Fetish Nation cares about is attracting the few thousand or so free-thinking individuals left in the area for an industrial strength military fetish circus.

saturday, june 4th 2011: a date which will live in infamy.

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